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Health History

Your current health, as well as your health history, is a prime consideration in determining your underwriting class, as well as whether you are even insurable.

Remember, the company is betting that you will live beyond the term of your insurance. Anything that decreases these odds will affect your life insurance underwriting category and insurability.

Underwriting Example
The diseases listed in this table are considered by insurance companies during the underwriting process.

Current symptoms of many of these diseases will make you uninsurable. For others, recent history will make you uninsurable. Some of them will cause you to be placed into an "impaired risk" rating. This will greatly increase your premium, but at least you will be able to obtain life insurance.

Some companies specialize in impaired risk cases. If you have a history of any of these diseases, do some research and find the best company.

Health History
AIDS gastric ulcers
alchohol abuse heart disease
Alzheimer's disease Hepatitis C
anxiety HIV
asthma (severe) hypertension
bowel incontinence kidney disease
bronchitis (chronic) mental illness
cancer multiple sclerosis
Chron's disease neurogenic bladder
COPD Parkinson's disease
coronary disease prostate impairments
depression (severe) rheumatoid arthritis
diabetes sleep apnea
drug abuse stroke
emphysema ulcerative colitis
epilepsy vascular disease

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Life insurance quotes updated September 29, 2023