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Life Insurance Quotes

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Life Insurance Quotes

Life insurance quotes should not be confusing!
Basically, you need life insurance if you want to protect your survivors from debts that you might leave behind, or from a drastic change in lifestyle, which could occur with the loss of your income.

What Kind?
Term life insurance is by far the most insurance that you can buy, dollar for dollar. Other kinds of insurance cost more because some of your money is going to an investment account. For simplicity and minimum cost, it is best to keep life insurance rates and investments separate.

What Amount?
Consider your survivors' financial position without your income. If they will be self-sufficient, you do not need life insurance. If not, how much is needed to replace your income? Find out here.

What Cost?
In our case study, Sergei finds a $400,000 policy for $304 annually. Use this cost calculator to estimate what yours would cost.

What Agent?
An independent agent represents many life insurance companies, and is not bound to sell you just one product. Give yourself some flexibility! If you don't have an independent agent, we can help.

Case Study
Sergei and Anna are 40 years of age, with two children in college. Both work professionally, and most of Sergei's after-tax earnings are used to pay off the mortgage and college loans ($2,000/month).

Anna and the children would be self-sufficient, except for the debt. Her retirement plan will be fully funded by age 60 (20 years).

Sergei figures that $2,000 per month for 20 years is $480,000. His independent agent helps him reduce that, figuring Anna can invest the proceeds at 2% above inflation.

Sergei is in perfect health. His agent finds him the lowest cost policy for $400,000 coverage for $304 annually, less than their cable bill!

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Life insurance quotes updated December 1, 2023